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Ahh! WGM still not changing camera angles fast enough

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Key, you know Taemin is as territorial as Minho. He doesn’t like it when you touch his man

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He really does not like it

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Anonymous asked: Did you know anything about this video? /watch?v=yCtHxxq3wj4 It is really 2Min?


okaaay today they just a fanacc of these videos from webio

and i was waiting an fanacc still i am not sure if they are 2min or 

but this is the fanacc 

130515 Minho and Key went to Taemin’s WGM house and that night Minho had a date with Taemin.
130515 珉豪和key去泰民我结新家 晚上泰民就跟珉豪出来约会了 俺不能不想多.



Anonymous asked: You seemed invested a lot of time and effort with this blog, What if one day Minho will admit that he is ongoing out and in love with someone else, What are you going to do? Are you going to shut your blog down? This is a very mean question I know.... Just what IF's. Anyways I really enjoy browsing your pages and looking forward to that day "our 2min's wedding day GIFs ;D. Fighting!


oh god that is so sweet from u 

first of all thanks ~ hmmmm let me answer this Question 

no i am not gone shut down the blog because after all i am shawol and

i support Minho n Taemin in anything they do cause yeah its like i am living with them  I’ve been 2min shipper since 5 years now ^^

but all that i really know 2Min is love n i believe in them  

i am just talking about what i am see in my own eyes 

anything after that …. it’s there privacy life ^^ we don’t have the right to see how they living 

and yeah 2min is Love ~….


and i am happy u enjoy my blog ^^

2Min is real love.